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Join Amadori and 50+ industry leaders. Together we've created Europe's first geo-distributed cloud: with immutable backup and s3-compatible object storage.
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Connect your Veeam client to the geo-distributed Object Storage

Connect your Veeam backup client to Cubbit's Object Storage by changing just one configuration parameter. Scalable, resilient, and S3 compatible, Cubbit gives you unlimited transfers at a fixed, predictable price — ideal for your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

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Take back control of your data (and your ROI)

Join 50+ leading companies in the geo-distributed cloud
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"Cubbit has many points of similarity with Amadori. We share the characteristics of innovation, made in Italy, security and sustainability."
Sandro Salvigni
Head of Digital Transformation, Gruppo Amadori
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"Cubbit is the right platform to divert at least part of our cloud storage needs towards an Italian and secure by default solution."
Enrico Andrini
CDO, Bonfiglioli
"I consider the benefit the company gets from Cubbit's security to be essential. I would recommend it as an innovative tool with clear goals and a smart pricing model."
Andrea Landini
IT Director, SCM Group

On-premises or Cloud?

You no longer have to choose
With Cubbit, your data is encrypted, split into pieces, and geo-distributed on a network under your control, giving you the best of both worlds: the privacy and security of on-premises, with the scalability and intuitiveness of the cloud. Your data remains yours, and thanks to zero-knowledge technology, no one can access it without your consent — not even Cubbit.
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Ensure disaster recovery with a geo-distributed backup

Cut downtime, boost productivity and reduce operational costs with Cubbit’s immutable backup. The centralized cloud exposes you to ransomware, leaks, and natural disasters. Cubbit, on the other hand, encrypts, splits, and geo-distributes all your data over a network with no single point of failure. This guarantees you disaster recovery and business continuity — whatever happens.

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Europe’s cloud of the future: Cubbit & Gaia-X
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Share with a secure and private Sync & Share

Share files and folders securely, even with those without a Cubbit account. Access from anywhere, without the need of a VPN. Sleep tight knowing that, thanks to our zero-knowledge technology, no one can access your data without your consent, not even us.

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Save up to 80% compared to AWS

Cubbit is up to 80% more affordable than AWS. You only pay for storage. Transfers and APIs are free (even on large data sets!). You can finally migrate your enterprise data without bill surprises, in line with your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.
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Make your data green with the ESG-friendly, zero-mile cloud

Data centers worldwide consume as much energy as Spain — about 250 TWh per year. Cubbit, instead, stores your data close to you on energy-efficient devices. This way, you save 40 kg of CO2 for every TB of data you save for one year, equivalent to what you would produce by driving a gasoline car for 224 miles.

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71% of ransomware victims lose their data

Fight back now!
By 2026, the business data you'll need to manage will triple (Gartner), putting your ROI at serious risk due to ransomware and natural disasters. That's why, together with 50+ leading companies, we've created the one and only cloud with geo-distributed, anti-ransomware, S3 backup and instant disaster recovery. Don't pay the ransom: choose Cubbit.
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