Store securely, cloud collectively!

One time payment personal cloud storage that’s 100% private.

Cubbit is a new cloud: one that’s distributed, user-powered, and forever yours. Cubbit’s users join forces to create a collaborative storage space - forming the most private, secure, and sustainable cloud ever.

Over $1,000,000 raised on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Cubbit is in the top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Since launch, it has shipped over 3,000 Cells to 70+ countries. More users are joining us daily - be a part of the cloud revolution. Join The Swarm.

Cubbit, being a distributed data center, is intrinsically invulnerable to localized attacks.

Cubbit aims to go back to the internet’s ideal roots with its upcoming P2P Cloud Storage Platform.

One time payment cloud storage

We want to rid cloud storage of monthly fees. Most cloud providers’ ‘basic’ plans quickly add up and the free plans cost you your privacy. Our one-time fee has no hidden or extra costs and is a totally private solution that’s forever.

Privacy as standard

Your personal privacy should never be compromised. With Cubbit your files are stored in absolute privacy - they’ll never be shared with 3rd parties for marketing purposes (as with most cloud providers), because no-one, not even Cubbit, can see what you have stored.

Storage that grows with you

Never worry about running out of storage space again - plug in external hard drives to expand up to 4TB and give access to up to 4 accounts. This is a personal cloud storage device that grows with you and your family.
Visit our roadmap for more information.

A new home for your content

Disaster-proof, secure, and 10 x greener than other major cloud providers - Cubbit is the new way to store content. Access your files from anywhere, super quickly and have peace of mind that they’re 100% safe. Your most precious files, with you always.

Available for all major Operating Systems

Send files via public and private links

Create shared folders with friends and family

View and manage your transfers

Cubbit is currently in development. Please check our roadmap for more!

How Cubbit compares







Hard Disk

Hard Disk

One time payment cloud storage

100% redundancy

Remote access

Built-in zero-knowledge encryption

Expandable (coming soon)

Instant upload (coming soon)

Environmentally friendly

What the Swarm is saying

Cubbit’s technology is powered by our users, and our team is powered by our amazing users’ feedback. Check out what the Swarm is saying about us.


IT professional

I am very interested in seeing distributed technology make its way to the market, and I have been looking for a storage solution for a few months now. I was going to go for a NAS but with Cubbit I saved money and time with RAID configuration. And the idea of creating a distributed p2p backup is brilliant!



I have been paying Dropbox Premium for almost 4 years which has cost me a lot of money over time. I can finally get rid of monthly subscriptions once I move all my files to Cubbit. Just started using it and the features are quite similar, even if Cubbit is still limited on many aspects but they’re constantly releasing new updates. So excited to be part of this community and I can’t wait to use the final version.


Graphic Designer

I always had difficulties with sharing files on my NAS (WD's myCloud) and I found it easier via email. For sharing very large files with clients and collaborators I was still carrying around my hard drive. With Cubbit I solved this perfectly. And I can also select certain folders on my desktop to be synchronized on the cloud automatically. It’s way better than any other personal cloud out there.


Professional Photographer

Unlike every single other NAS I've tried, with Cubbit I’m able to access my own files, from anywhere in the world, with sharing capabilities. Other NAS devices are only accessible from within my own LAN (so useless) due to my provider's firewall. I want to be able to access files from anywhere and add/delete/edit them like I was doing with Apple/Google/DropBox before their costs became unsupportable. Cubbit is the answer.


Freelance Web Designer

I travel a lot and I’m always afraid of losing or breaking my external hard drives. Thanks to Cubbit I finally got rid of them. Now I have all my content in one, secure place, accessible from anywhere.


Retired and Amateur Photographer

I have accumulated many photographs over the years and it would be a tragedy of major proportions to lose them. Cubbit is perfect for me since I can store all my pictures and videos with peace of mind. Awesome product and super easy to use.

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