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“I currently backup my photos/videos to a USB drive, but worry about an accident that would destroy both. I don’t back up to the cloud because of the cost. Cubbit gives me plenty of storage with a cloud backup.”

Mauro Mancini

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What I like of Cubbit is that it is truly private. I care about it enormously and I don’t want to be dependent on big providers.

Ignacio Lopéz


I got to know Cubbit thanks to a newsletter I follow and at the beginning I was pretty suspicious when I saw it on Indiegogo. It's not cheap at all. Then I had a look at their website and I changed my mind, it’s clear that they have created something robust. I had a talk with one of their salesmen and he was kind enough to convince me. He showed me how the platform works in a video call and I found it pretty similar to Google Drive, but better. I’m happy with my choice.



I wanted a unique platform to store all family photos and documents and it works well for this. Each of us has a folder inside Cubbit and everything is well organized. All in all, it was convenient to pay 350 euro for 4TB forever.



I used a home NAS. When it breaks, it is really easy to lose files. I travel a lot so I'm not always able to repair the NAS personally. If I need to replace the Cubbit Cell, I won't lose my files.


Cubbit offers 'green' distributed cloud storage option

Questi quattro ragazzi hanno raccolto 7 milioni di euro per creare il miglior fornitore di servizi cloud distribuiti al mondo

Go green, go Cubbit — distributed P2P cloud storage startup gets funding

Cubbit, la startup bolognese che ha raccolto 7 milioni di euro dagli investitori

$8.3 Million Raised for Italian Cubbit; Total at $12 Million

Cubbit chiude un round da 7 milioni

Cubbit Raises €7M in Funding

Congratulations to #BarclaysAccel Tel Aviv alum @_cubbit on their recent €7M funding 🚀 Cubbit provides a distributed cloud solution, which exceeds current market standards for security, privacy and environmental sustainability.

Cubbit chiude un round da 7 milioni


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