S3 anti-ransomware backup

Easy to use & S3 compatible.

Add a backup line to your computer, NAS, or server with third-party software like Veeam.

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Secure as a multi-region cloud

The reliability (99.50%) and durability (99.999999999%) of Cubbit’s geo-distributed network is ideal for a scalable and secure hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. Unlike traditional clouds, Cubbit doesn’t rely on a centralized data center. Rather, it runs on a peer-to-peer architecture, where data is encrypted with AES-256, split into pieces, and geo-distributed across a secure network under your control.

Anti-ransomware versioning

Thanks to versioning, ransomware is no longer a problem. Snapshots provide a history of your data for point-in-time recovery. This way, you can return to any previous configuration anytime.

S3 Backup for immediate disaster recovery

Cubbit's cloud object storage is compatible with the entire Amazon S3 ecosystem. It is your offsite S3 cloud, ideal for creating a new backup line and raising your security to a whole new level. And thanks to object lock, disaster recovery is immediate: no hacker will be able to modify files before the date set by the admin.

Europe’s cloud of the future: Cubbit & Gaia-X
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71% of ransomware victims lose their data

Fight back now!
By 2026, the business data you'll need to manage will triple (Gartner), putting your ROI at serious risk due to ransomware and natural disasters. That's why, together with 50+ leading companies, we've created the one and only cloud with geo-distributed, anti-ransomware, S3 backup and instant disaster recovery. Don't pay the ransom: choose Cubbit.
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