dropbox logo

Cubbit, a secure Dropbox alternative

Dropbox sacrifices usability over security. They read your files and keep your encryption key available for themselves. They do it, because that’s the only way for them to operate many features.

one drive logo

Cubbit, a standalone and secure OneDrive alternative

Big cloud companies like Microsoft integrate and bundle their portfolio to make them interoperable for the users. It sounds good but often an integrated ...

pcloud logo

Cubbit, a flexible pCloud alternative

pCloud is a secure business cloud storage solution, but it falls behind Cubbit when it comes to flexibility and it charges extra for real security.

tresorit logo

Cubbit, a more affordable Tresorit alternative

Tresorit is a secure cloud storage solution and it really goes the extra mile to secure your files, but it has an issue; a very hefty price tag.

spideroak logo

Cubbit, a greener and more affordable SpiderOak alternative

SpiderOak is a secure business cloud storage provider with additional security services (e.g chat). It has many noteworthy features to secure your files, but it has an issue; a very hefty price tag.

google drive logo

Cubbit, a truthful and secure Google Drive alternative

Have you not ever thought of Google as the big brother of the 21st century? They offer great services but sacrifice your privacy in too many ways. Google gives you everything to get tied to their services. Don’t be foolish. Look behind the scenes and understand better what they do with your data! Cubbit doesn’t play with your privacy and gives you full control of your files. Replace Google Drive with Cubbit for your business!

mega logo

Cubbit eco-friendly MEGA alternative

MEGA is a secure cloud storage provider that has built up a great portfolio and offers great value for its customers.
But MEGA cloud storage has an issue: it relies on centralized data centers. Do you know that data centers contribute to global warming? Replace MEGA and be greener with Cubbit!

sugarsync logo

Cubbit an affordable and secure SugarSync alternative

SugarSync is a secure cloud backup provider for security-aware people.
They do a great job supporting their clients, but it has an issue: a very massive price tag. You can replace them with Cubbit!