99.999999999% of durability,
at a fraction of the cost

Cubbit’s geo-distributed architecture guarantees the highest standard of durability (99.999999999%) and availability (99.95%) — at 80% less than AWS's cost.

cubbit technology infographic

Your data is now spread everywhere, not just in a few vulnerable places.

file encryption

#1 Encryption

First, your data is encrypted with AES-256, a military-grade encryption algorithm.

file redundancy

#2 Splitting

The encrypted data is fragmented into N chunks, each indistinguishable from one another.

file splitting

#3 Redundancy

These N chunks are multiplied into K shards via Reed-Solomon error-correcting codes.

geo-distribution map

#4 Geo-distribution

Each shard is geo-distributed into a different peer-to-peer node — avoiding any single point of failure.

self-healing storage map

Self-healing storage

You only need a subset of shards to download a file from the Cubbit network. If a Cubbit node goes offline, its shards are automatically re-distributed and the node is promptly repaired by the Cubbit network.


99.95% of availability

Cubbit guarantees the highest industry standard for data availability (99.95%). The coordinator optimizes the payload distribution on the network, ensuring access to your data anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the benefits of Cubbit Geo-Distributed Simple Storage Service (DS3):


Your data is encrypted, split into redundant chunks, and distributed across a global, peer-to-peer network — safe from downtime and data breaches.


Scale your infrastructure according to your storage needs and choose how to increase your capacity — up to infinite.


Save 80% vs AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. With Cubbit, you don’t pay for our data center — we don’t have one.


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