Add security and ease of use to your business cloud storage

Cubbit for Teams makes file sharing quick and easy. Enjoy a complete peace of mind, knowing you are protected by the strongest encryption and other advanced safety features.

Our recipe for secure file sharing


Create a secure file sharing link with a few clicks


Share it with your recipient and add additional security when needed


Your shared files are protected by end-to-end encryption


Let’s make work secure and easy

Share files without limits

Share as many times as you wish and any kind of files and folders without file size limitation. Our military grade encryption protects them in their whole journey.

unlimited file sharing

Advanced security features

Share files and folders with your team members and decide on their access level. You can add an additional layer of protection using secure keys. Access can be cancelled with a click of a button by withdrawing the share link.

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Easy file access for anyone

You can share files with anyone enjoying the same level of protection. All your recipient needs to do is to click on the link. There is no need for addons, installs or registration.

easy file access

Available for all major Operating Systems

Send files via public and private links

Create shared folders with friends and family

View and manage your transfers

Cubbit is currently in development. Please check our roadmap for more!

Compliance: tick the boxes with Cubbit

Cubbit for Teams is a fully GDPR and CCPA compliant business cloud storage. All plans have data protection built in as standard, ensuring your company’s compliance to the highest legal requirements. End-to-end encryption, file management and continuous security tests are just some of the features that help your business grow while protecting your client’s data.
Read our full Privacy Policy here.

compilance  GDPR e CCPA

Cool features for your secure online storage

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Environmentally friendly cloud storage

With our distributed cloud technology, you can save CO2 on every file stored.

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Selective sync

Sync all cloud files to your computer or exclude the folders which you don’t want to.

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Cubbit drive

Access your cloud files directly through your computer's file browser.

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Browser access

Access Cubbit for Teams from your favourite browser and upload, access and share files easily.

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Online file preview

Preview your encrypted images and PDFs in your browser without downloading them.

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User management

Flexibly add or remove users in your Cubbit for Teams subscription.

"For our legal consulting firm, we were searching for a solution that married our mission of sensitising our customers about “personal data protection”. Cubbit is a clean break, if you want to be safe you go to Cubbit, otherwise you accept the risks of your own choices.”

“I needed an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage to collaborate in a safe environment and to backup big projects. Cubbit allows me to do this on a daily basis without ever having to worry about security and privacy issues. Great product and super friendly customer service.”

“We are an international team, working in many countries and timezones - we needed a way of working, collaboratively yet securely with both internal and external team members which was easy-to-use for everyone. As soon as we started using Cubbit our external contributors understood how it worked and it simplified our day-to-day lives greatly.“

“Our company was at a stage where it was growing quickly and we wanted to be able to focus on that, rather than being worried about our online security. We had tried previous providers in the past but none offered us the level of security we were looking for at a price that was within our range. Cubbit did just that.“

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