Safer, together!

Distributed, secure, encrypted cloud storage.

A 100% private, secure and green cloud storage solution. We crowdsource computing resources via a p2p network to build our distributed architecture.


“A swarm of bees is a distributed, collective intelligence. Thanks to the combined power of the individual bees, our Swarm is fast and powerful.”

Inspired by bees and the structure of a beehive, we use a distributed architecture to power our network. Instead of giant server farms, we use individual servers in users' homes. Powered by collaboration - Cubbit Cells talk to each other and work together to power the network.

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Your total privacy, always

Most cloud providers have access to your files and use your data for marketing purposes. Not us. With Cubbit, total cloud storage privacy comes as standard, not premium. Your files will always be stored in absolute security and your content will never be shared - because no-one, not even Cubbit, can see what you have stored.

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You’ll never lose files again

Losing files is painful but it doesn’t have to happen. Cubbit’s zero-knowledge technology offers the best cloud storage security on the market. Each file is end-to-end encrypted, split and then spread across Cubbit’s peer-to-peer network. This means that if there’s a blackout, fire or flood - your files are always safe and always accessible.

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You make the planet better

Traditional cloud servers use data-centers which churn out millions of kg of CO2 every year. Cubbit’s distributed architecture doesn’t need data-centers to store and transfer files - which means 300 million kgs less CO2 per year (compared to traditional cloud servers). Read our Green Paper

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The distributed architecture

Cubbit's infrastructure revolves around three players: the user, the Swarm, and the coordinator. These three components interact to enable safe and private cloud storage inside a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring that no one in the system, not even the coordinator, can access the users’ data. Learn more

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