Veeam + Cubbit: immutability at a fraction of the cost

Build your immutable backup against ransomware by connecting your Veeam client to Cubbit's S3-compatible object storage. As simple as changing one parameter.

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Backup practices: some stats


The main points of attack for ransomware are unpatched vulnerabilities in backup systems (Continuity Research).

of cyber attacks target corporate backups (Veeam Report).

of IT Managers claim that cloud backup is more secure than on-prem backup (Dimensional Research).

of IT Managers fear that their backup resides outside their geographical region (Barracuda).

Why Cubbit

Your cloud backup immutable to ransomware. With no vendor lock-in

Connect your Veeam backup client to Cubbit's S3-compatible object storage and enjoy Object Locking, Versioning, and Identity & Access Management at a fixed, transparent price, without expensive lock-ins.

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Security, save money

11/9 durability, at 80% less than the price of AWS

Data stored in Cubbit is encrypted with AES-256, divided into 20 chunks, redistributed into 40 reduntant shards (Reed-Solomon) and geo-distributed over a network of nodes in the hands of the users. Only ½ of the shards are required to download the data. This architecture guarantees the same durability (11 nines) and availability (99.95%) as AWS, but at 80% less cost.

As easy as changing one configuration parameter

Geodistributing your backup has never been easier. All you have to do is change a configuration parameter (together with an API key generated by Cubbit domains).


Compliant with the strictest laws

Geo-fence the area where your data is stored, in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ACN (ex AgID), and ISO.

Cubbit + Veeam: Watch the demo
Discover how to leverage Veeam to perform backups to Cubbit's geo-distributed cloud, optimizing capital expenditure costs, and freeing up local storage space.

S3 Ecosystem: plenty of integrable apps

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What they say about Cubbit

Logo Tecnoservizi

Geo-distribution, versioning and immutability are essential to ensure the security of our customers from threats such as ransomware and localised disasters.

Photo Martinelli
Paolo Martinelli  
CEO & Co-fondatore, Tecnoservizi
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Logo Poggipolini

Thanks to geo-distribution, there can never be a hacker attack, catastrophic event, political scenario, or anything else that allows data to be stolen or made inaccessible.

Avatar Samuele Sassi
Samuele Sassi
CIO, Poggipolini
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Logo TEP

In addition to having copies locally, we need to have a secure copy in the cloud to restore in the event of a natural disaster or cyber attack.

Vemagi photo
Giuseppe Giovinazzi
CIO, Trasporti Pubblici Parma
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Make your data immutable to ransomware
Build your immutable backup against ransomware by connecting your Veeam client to Cubbit's S3-compatible object storage.

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