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Zero-knowledge. Green. No fees, ever.

Cubbit is the distributed cloud where collaboration puts the users in power.

Get more space for free

Each Cubbit Cell gives you 512GB of cloud storage without fees. Need more? Just plug in any external drives up to 4TB per device. Share your cell with your friends and open up to 4 independent accounts.

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Forget monthly fees, just get the most advanced cloud storage. With Cubbit Cell access your files from anywhere, and share them with anyone. Be sure they’re always safe, no matter what. Enjoy up to 4 free accounts for you and your dears. Think no more of waiting ages to upload large files. Need more free space? Just plug in any physical storage.

Take back control

Cubbit cloud connects the Cells, gathering a p2p swarm on your side that follows one strict rule: Zero Knowledge. You get 3 layers of security: each of your files is encrypted with AES256; it is then split into chunks, which are multiplied to ensure redundancy; finally, the chunks are distributed across the network. Every Cell is useful, but no one is a single point of failure.

Save the planet

Centralised cloud storage is stuck to massive, polluting server farms that dry out our planet, and our wallets. The distributed nature of Cubbit cloud makes it 10x greener than data centers. For every 200GB you store on the Swarm rather than on traditional cloud providers, you save the energy consumed by a fridge. We made the math - have a look.

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Fly with the Swarm

The Swarm is already active in over 8 countries worldwide and is expanding on a daily basis. Join Super Early Bees from all over the world and help us build a new, distributed internet.

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