Enabling companies to truly own their data

We are building an alternative to the centralized cloud: a geo-distributed network that combines companies’ resources to make data storage truly secure, scalable, and affordable — all without giving up control to third parties.

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Investors & Partners

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Our story

We started Cubbit with this question: 'Is this the internet we want?' It was 2016 and we were just four university students with a dream: bring data ownership back to the people.

Since then, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. We have raised >€10M euros, won multiple grants, and grown a world-class team of 40+ employees.

In 2022, we launched Next Generation Cloud (NGC), our first geo-distributed cloud product for businesses and institutions of all sizes. As of today, over 5.000 customers and businesses have chosen Cubbit to secure their data and scale their backup infrastructure safely and sustainably. And the journey has just begun.


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Leadership team

Photo Marco Moschettini
Marco Moschettini
Co-founder & CTO
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Stefano Onofri photo
Stefano Onofri
Co-founder & Co-CEO
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Photo Alessandro Cillario
Alessandro Cillario
Co-founder & Co-CEO
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Photo Lorenzo Posani
Lorenzo Posani
Co-founder & Advisor
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Photo Stefano Baldi
Stefano Baldi
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Photo Alessio Paccoia
Alessio Paccoia
Head of Technology
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Board members

Photo Gianluca Dettori
Gianluca Dettori
President of Primo Ventures
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Photo Fabio Nalucci
Fabio Nalucci
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Photo Mario Scudieri
Mario Scuderi
Managing Partner of CDP
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