About Us

We’re creating a 100% private, secure and green cloud storage solution.

Our zero-knowledge, distributed architecture, is powered by peer-to-peer, user-owned Cells - together they form the The Swarm. This unique architecture has three key benefits: users always have total control over their files, the highest level of security possible and no need for polluting data-centers.

Let’s change the internet together.
Join the Swarm.


Cubbit vision is supported by renowned international businesses and institutions. Cubbit has raised over €10M from multiple investors and grants. In 2021 it closed a €7M funding round (Series A) and in 2019 also entered into the top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns ever.

Cubbit counts Techstars and Barclays amongst its global partners and has achieved international recognition through multiple awards granted by organizations such as Mastercard, Accenture, TIM, Next Generation Internet, Climate KIC and the European Commission.


Cubbit, born in 2016 from an idea of four university students - CTO Marco Moschettini, Stefano Onofri and Alessandro Cillario, joint-CEOs, and Lorenzo Posani, advisor and PhD - united by the ambition to create the most important provider of distributed cloud services in the world, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy by design and without the use of expensive and polluting data centers. 

Hundreds of thousands of lines of code later, our vision is stronger than ever. At Cubbit, we believe that the Internet of the future has to resolve its contradictions. Guided by a vision that identifies privacy as a fundamental and inalienable right, we know that the cloud needs to be re-imagined to make its carbon footprint sustainable.

To make all this a reality, we create distributed technologies in the IT world: solutions that guarantee security, privacy and environmental protection, preparing the Web 3.0.

The future of the Internet lies at the edge of the cloud: in our homes, in our offices. Cubbit leverages on the power of crowdsourcing and makes this future possible.


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Stefano OnofriStefano Onofri
Stefano Onofri
Co-CEO & co-founder
Alessandro CillarioAlessandro Cillario
Alessandro Cillario
Co-CEO & co-founder
Marco MoschettiniMarco Moschettini
Marco Moschettini
CTO & co-founder
Lorenzo PosaniLorenzo Posani
Lorenzo Posani
Co-founder & advisor
Alessio PaccoiaAlessio Paccoia
Alessio Paccoia
Head of Technology
Alessandro FaggiAlessandro Faggi
Alessandro Faggi
Chief Design Officer
Alena HarbatavaAlena Harbatava
Alena Harbatava
Chief Operation Officer
Elena CesariElena Cesari
Elena Cesari
Chief People Officer
Danilo MazzoccaDanilo Mazzocca
Danilo Mazzocca
Head of Sales B2B
Alessandro TaramelliAlessandro Taramelli
Alessandro Taramelli
Partnership & Distribution
Stefano BaldiStefano Baldi
Stefano Baldi
Luigi ArgenzianoLuigi Argenziano
Luigi Argenziano
Carlo AromandoCarlo Aromando
Carlo Aromando
Fullstack Developer
Daniele BaschieriDaniele Baschieri
Daniele Baschieri
Fullstack Developer
Caterina AdalioCaterina Adalio
Caterina Adalio
Business Developer
Francesco BianchiFrancesco Bianchi
Francesco Bianchi
Growth Hacker
Ilaria NardoneIlaria Nardone
Ilaria Nardone
Marketing manager
Jacopo BontàJacopo Bontà
Jacopo Bontà
Fullstack Developer
Paolo CalvanoPaolo Calvano
Paolo Calvano
Legal Manager
Lorenzo CazzoliLorenzo Cazzoli
Lorenzo Cazzoli
Fullstack Developer
Ilaria CiabattoniIlaria Ciabattoni
Ilaria Ciabattoni
Customer Support
Giulio CinelliGiulio Cinelli
Giulio Cinelli
Fullstack Developer
Lucas ClaraLucas Clara
Lucas Clara
Growth Hacker
Francesco PazzagliaFrancesco Pazzaglia
Francesco Pazzaglia
Content Marketer
Leonardo FabbriLeonardo Fabbri
Leonardo Fabbri
Account Executive
Marco GattiMarco Gatti
Marco Gatti
Arianna IacussoArianna Iacusso
Arianna Iacusso
Andrea RovaiAndrea Rovai
Andrea Rovai
Blaine E. HarnackBlaine E. Harnack
Blaine E. Harnack
Head of Tech Support & QA
Maxim KalininMaxim Kalinin
Maxim Kalinin
Frontend Developer
Salvatore CangialosiSalvatore Cangialosi
Salvatore Cangialosi
Customer Support
Francesco PigozziFrancesco Pigozzi
Francesco Pigozzi
Fullstack Developer
Mariangela PretelliMariangela Pretelli
Mariangela Pretelli
Wahid SirhindiWahid Sirhindi
Wahid Sirhindi
Tech Support & QA
Michele RodolfiMichele Rodolfi
Michele Rodolfi
Backend Developer
Nicola SerraNicola Serra
Nicola Serra
Tech Support & QA
Anna GiordanoAnna Giordano
Anna Giordano
Giacomo AluigiGiacomo Aluigi
Giacomo Aluigi
Tommaso BacconiTommaso Bacconi
Tommaso Bacconi
Fullstack Developer
Simone BembiSimone Bembi
Simone Bembi
Fullstack Developer
Rita PetilloRita Petillo
Rita Petillo
Frontend Developer
Marco FerrettiMarco Ferretti
Marco Ferretti
Fullstack Developer
Emanuele LongoEmanuele Longo
Emanuele Longo
Fullstack Developer
Waldemar ZielinskiWaldemar Zielinski
Waldemar Zielinski
Fullstack Developer
Michele LupoMichele Lupo
Michele Lupo
Data Engineer
Matteo BenettiMatteo Benetti
Matteo Benetti
Backend Developer
Andrea ValenziAndrea Valenzi
Andrea Valenzi
Fullstack Developer
Andrea CarboneAndrea Carbone
Andrea Carbone
Tech Support & QA
Marco SabatiniMarco Sabatini
Marco Sabatini