Make your data ESG-friendly

Cubbit owns no data center: therefore, you can save 25 tons of CO2 per PB stored each year.

-25 tons of CO2 per year

Cubbit is a greener data storage solution because of three main factors:

  • Cubbit makes use of low energy-consumption devices to store your data.
  • Cubbit does not own any data center to power and cool down.
  • Cubbit can optimize the geographical location of distributed files so that stored shards are close to the owner.

These three factors combined reduce your energy consumption by 25 tons of CO2 for every PB you store yearly.

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Recycling unused on-prem resources

To join the Cubbit network, you can use energy-efficient Cubbit nodes or recycle your unused on-prem storage capacity. This is the power of geo-distributed object storage: a green model that takes advantage of the resources you already have to make data storage truly secure, scalable, and affordable.

Operational efficiency

Sustainability in 2023 means optimizing resources to create greater resiliency, growth, and financial performance (Gartner). It’s not by chance that Gartner puts Sustainable Technologies (2023) and Distributed Cloud (2021) among the Strategic Technology Trends of the decade.



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Cubbit green paper

Cubbit green paper

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Upgrade your stack with Cubbit DS3
Switch to Cubbit and get S3 compatible object storage with unmatched security, unlimited scalability, at 80% less than AWS.