Go beyond the limits of traditional cloud

You have two options to get the benefits of Cubbit technology for your company:

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    Cubbit Federated Network:

  • your data is protected in a B2B, geo-distributed and federated network handled by Cubbit. Ideal for companies of all sizes.

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    Cubbit Private Network:

  • you can self-host the entire Cubbit technology stack and customize it to geo-distribute your enterprise network. Ideal for data-intensive or large enterprises.

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Save up to 80% compared to AWS

Cubbit is up to 80% more affordable than AWS. You only pay for storage. Transfers and APIs are free (even on large data sets!). You can finally migrate your enterprise data without bill surprises, in line with your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.
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Are you an individual?
Meet Cubbit for Individuals
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71% of ransomware victims lose their data

By 2026, the business data you'll need to manage will triple (Gartner), putting your ROI at serious risk due to ransomware and natural disasters. That's why, together with 50+ leading companies, we've created the one and only cloud with geo-distributed, anti-ransomware, S3 backup and instant disaster recovery. Don't pay the ransom: choose Cubbit.
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S3 Compatible Object Storage
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Geo-distributed, anti-ransomware backup
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Zero-knowledge privacy
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Up to 10x greener
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Digital sovereignty guaranteed