Ensure NIS2 readiness, avoid fines

By the end of 2024, companies must comply with NIS2 or face fines of up to €10M. For this reason, 200+ European companies have already trusted Cubbit: the only hyper-resilient, nation-perimeter, 100% S3 compatible cloud storage.

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By the end of this year, complying with the directive will be mandatory.

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Maximum amount of penalties under NIS2.

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Number of impacted industries, including: Healthcare, ICT, Food, Finance, Public Sector, and Manufacturing.

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Minimum requirements, including: backup strategies, granular access and robust encryption.

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What will the impact of NIS2 be on European companies?

By 2025, 75% of companies will fall victim to ransomware, with an average downtime of 22 days. To fight back against these threats, the EU has approved the NIS2 directive.

From Healthcare to Manufacturing, NIS2 sets new cybersecurity standards in Europe. Compliance is mandatory by the end of 2024, with fines of up to €10M.

There are many requirements: from adopting reliable backups to robust encryption for data protection. For this reason, over 200 European companies have already trusted Cubbit.

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Sovereign, compliant, and nation-perimeter

Save your data within your country's perimeter, in full compliance with NIS2, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

Responsive customer service in native languages

Take advantage of a native-language customer service that doesn’t leave you alone when you need it.

Hyper-resilience from disasters, without extra costs

All data on Cubbit is encrypted, fragmented and replicated across multiple locations — with no costs for egress, deletion, and redundancy.

Ransomware resistant

Make your data ransomware-proof thanks to multi-site object lock, versioning, IAM policy, encryption, and geo-distribution.

Not quite familiar with NIS2 yet?
We can provide clarity.

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Following conversations with hundreds of IT and Legal executives, we have compiled the Cloud compliance guide 2024: the comprehensive checklist of regulations and strategies that IT managers must be aware of in 2024.
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S3 ecosystem: a world of easy-to-integrate applications

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Hear it from our customers

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“By keeping at least three copies of data per country, Cubbit ensures a more reliable and robust data protection, allowing for greater flexibility in data recovery.”

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Paul Eccleston
Senior VP EMEA, Exclusive Networks
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“Thanks to Cubbit, we are now capable of addressing the growing trend of data to be stored — expected to triple by 2026 — which will generate a parallel increase in risks, costs,and complexities related to their management.”

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Carlo Cavazzoni
Head of Computational R&D, Leonardo
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“We used to run backups for disaster recovery with US services. Thanks to Cubbit, we now have ransomware protection and a service that is compliant with GDPR and all public sector needs."

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Giuseppe Giovinazzi
CIO, Trasporti Pubblici Parma
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By the end of 2024, companies must comply with NIS2
Avoid fines of up to €10M and switch now to Europe's 1st geo-distributed cloud storage: hyper-resilient, sovereign, 100% S3 compatible — with no fees for egress, deletion, and redundancy.

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