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Increase your profits by offering geo-distributed cloud storage with top security, full sovereignty, and GDPR compliance — at 80% less than hyperscalers.

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Why become a partner?

Multi-Tenancy dashboard

Quickly create customer accounts in minutes. Streamline operations, enhance security, and scale seamlessly. Our dashboard offers direct customization and unified insights, ensuring you deliver top-notch service with ease.

Better discounts

By joining the Cubbit partner program, you will unlock reserved pricing, large discounts, and free egress and transfer costs.

New customers

Tap into our exponential growth and unlock a world of new clients through our network, knowing that, whatever the opportunity, we bring you in.

Dedicated support

Multi-language support, technical guides, video tutorials, marketing materials, co-webinars, and more.

Why Cubbit

Save 80% vs. 

Get simple, CapEx-friendly pricing. You can set a budget and stick to it — no hidden costs, no extra charge.

Disaster & ransomware resistant

With geo-distribution, Cubbit protects data from disasters. With S3 Object Locking and S3 Versioning, it protects backups from ransomware. Data durability is 99.999999999% (11 Nines)


Geo-fence the area where data is stored, in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ACN (ex AgID), and ISO (check our certifications).


Cubbit stands at the forefront of innovative data management. Our distributed storage approach ensures you use up to 60% less capacity compared to traditional centralized cloud storage. With our resilient architecture, we're not just offering efficiency, but a commitment to sustainability.

Cubbit is compatible with Veeam, Nakivo, and the whole S3 ecosystem

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)? Level up your portfolio

No matter if you’re working with the public sector, banking, manufacturing, or other industries: we have you covered. Also, we’re preparing tailor-made offers dedicated to MSPs, get in touch to discover more.

Increase your customers’ loyalty

Reseller or system integrator? Make your offer unforgettable

Stand out from the crowd and make your offer unforgettable by providing the first geo-distributed cloud storage in Europe, the Strategic Technology Trend of the next few years.

Unlock new revenue streams
Cubbit complies with ISO, GDPR, and all major regulations.

What our partners and customers say

Logo Tecnoservizi

Thanks to Cubbit, we can strongly differentiate our offer. Geo-distribution, versioning, and data immutability are key to securing our customers’ backups from ransomware and localized disasters.

Photo Martinelli
Paolo Martinelli  
CEO & Co-founder, Tecnoservizi
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Logo Assist

For data security, we use Cubbit with internationally recognized cloud storage services to achieve the right level of redundancy at a more than affordable, enterprise-competitive price.

Photo Accattoli
Valentino Accattoli
CTO, Assist Digital
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Logo TEP

We used to do backups for disaster recovery with other US providers. Now we moved a part of it to Cubbit. The advantage is having ransomware protection, geographic proximity for performance, and fulfilling GDPR-related issues.

Vemagi photo
Giuseppe Giovinazzi
CIO, Trasporti Pubblici Parma
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Discover how Cubbit can transform your industry

Whatever the use case, Cubbit is your solution

Multiply your revenue with Cubbit

Increase your profits by offering geo-distributed cloud storage with top security, full sovereignty, and GDPR compliance — at 80% less than hyperscalers.

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