Secure, affordable cloud storage for Media & Entertainment

Give your local storage superpowers. Send large files with ease and never ever lose your work again.

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Safeguard your work for decades

Because of their physical nature, hard drives and tapes have a 5-10 years lifespan. Object storage, featuring intelligent monitoring, prevents byte corruption and keeps your data alive.

Full compliance = bigger customers

Geo-fence the area where your data is stored, in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ACN (ex AgID), and ISO (check our certifications).

Ridiculously simple

Set up your secure, off-site backups in minutes. Cubbit is compatible with Veeam, Nakivo, Synology, and the entire S3 ecosystem.

Ship and focus on what’s next

Every media you store in Cubbit is encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across the network — safe from downtime and disasters.

Protect the value of your work

Cubbit uses encryption, versioning, object locking, and identity access management (IAM) to make your data immutable to ransomware.

80% less than traditional cloud storage

With Cubbit, you can store PBs of media with predictable pricing that costs up to 80% less than traditional cloud storage.

What our customers say

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"Cubbit's technology allows us to tell our customers that their data is everywhere but nowhere at the same time, a guarantee that we were not seeing in any technology on the market."

Avatar Samuele Sassi
Samuele Sassi
CIO & IT Manager, Poggipolini S.p.A.
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Whatever the use case, Cubbit is your solution

Media storage archiving

Media companies have PBs of data to store for decades. Usually, this is done by saving media on hard disks — filling entire rooms that look like offline data centers. With Cubbit, you can enforce full compliance, security, and affordability in your archiving practices.

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Wetransfer-like collaboration

Cubbit allows you to securely share your raw work between geographically dispersed areas, like in a private, compliant, and secure Wetransfer.

Content delivery network

Distribute your content around the world instead of keeping it idle in your hard drives. Host static websites and distribute images, videos, and documents worldwide — quickly, reliably, and affordably.


Give your local storage superpowers. Thanks to S3 compatibility, Cubbit seamlessly connects to Veeam, Nakivo, Synology, or any backup client you use. You can finally follow the 3-2-1 backup rule and protect your precious media work from disasters.

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Hybrid cloud

Virtually extend your NAS: ensure quick recovery of your cold backups while collaborating securely on your virtual machines or local storage. Plus, you can add an off-site backup line to your NAS without paying for further licenses.

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Ransomware protection

The average ransomware attack causes 136 hours of downtime. With Cubbit, you can make your data immutable to ransomware thanks to S3 Versioning, S3 Object Locking, and encrypted backups.

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Automate scripting processes, stay compliant, and easily migrate large amounts of data. Just change your endpoint and connect rclone/AWS CLI to Cubbit — it’s that easy.

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Leverage Cubbit APIs and build applications in the cloud with ease and performance.

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Secure, affordable cloud storage for Media & Entertainment
Give your local storage superpowers. Send large files with ease and never ever lose your work again.