Cubbit: a flexible pCloud alternative

pCloud is a secure business cloud storage solution, but it falls behind Cubbit when it comes to flexibility and it charges extra for real security.

Compare Cubbit to pCloud

pCloud is a secure business cloud storage solution, but it falls behind Cubbit when it comes to flexibility and it charges extra for real security.

Get all the security without paying extra

We believe that security is extremely important in the case of a business cloud storage solution.
That’s why Cubbit never puts an extra price tag on security features.
In contrast, check pCloud’s pricing: in order to benefit from their end-to-end encryption, you have to pay over 47 EUR/year/user on top of your subscription price.
Cubbit believe security must be a standard, not a premium feature.

Moreover, even if you decide to buy pCloud extra security, your team has the option to opt out from it leaving files vulnerable.

Be flexible in your storage space

pCloud offers only one storage option for businesses: 1 TB/user.
If you need more cloud storage space, you have to add more users.

At Cubbit for Teams, we offer 1, 2 and 5 TB /user plans for businesses who need tons of space.
Do you need more? No problem! We are happy to tailor our solution to your needs.
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We’ve listed the most important security features and compared Cubbit for Teams to pCloud

In the following table you can see the most important features that make a business cloud storage secure. Let’s see what Cubbit has to offer as a Dropbox alternative.





Zero-knowledge encrypted storage

Geographical granular distribution

End-to-end encrypted file sharing

Parallel P2P encrypted connections


No physical data center

Users’ data inaccessible to provider

Highest level of GDPR compliance

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Distributed vs centralized network

Cubbit relies on a unique distributed network, instead of data servers.
Your data are multiplied and stored on nodes, called Cubbit Cells. This is a network of storage units all around the globe, powered by our continuously growing community of privacy enthusiasts.
This process adds an extra layer of protection and reliability that is unique to Cubbit.

Nice job pCloud, but it’s not enough

It’s time to replace pCloud with a more flexible business cloud solution where all security features comes by default.
Why not take Cubbit for a spin?
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Your storage plan - whatever your needs, find the right solution to suit your workload.

Store, share and work on a cloud that’s controlled by you. Collaborate with internal and external colleagues, with the peace of mind that no-one can access your files. There’s power in numbers and together our users form the most private and secure cloud available.

All plans include:

  • Privacy by design

  • Zero-knowledge encryption

  • Sensitive data protection

  • Supports all file extensions

  • Team administrator roles

  • Customer centric support

  • Collaborate remotely

  • Save C02 on every file stored