Cubbit a standalone and secure OneDrive alternative

Big cloud companies like Microsoft integrate and bundle their portfolio to make them interoperable for the users. It sounds good, but often an integrated platform doesn’t bring the highest security and simplicity for users.

Compare Cubbit to OneDrive

Big cloud companies like Microsoft integrate and bundle their portfolio to make them interoperable for the users. It sounds good, but often an integrated platform doesn’t bring the highest security and simplicity for users.

OneDrive is the standard for many Microsoft users. However, if you take care of your sensitive files, you should look elsewhere.

Most of the large cloud storage providers explain they do everything for your files’ security. Unfortunately, it’s simply not always true. Even if Microsoft’s OneDrive encrypts your files in transit and at rest (when they are in the cloud), the company keeps access to your keys, reads your files and makes them available on their other services. So, it is true that they encrypt the files but they can decrypt them at any time. 
In addition, why using different products’ bundles if you just want to store and securely share their files? Cubbit gives you a great and secure alternative to OneDrive.

Share your files with one click in the most secure way

Cubbit provides you the easiest file sharing and storage alternative right now. You only need to sign in and you will able to manage all your files in a few clicks: store, secure, manage. Decide to use the  desktop or the web environment to always access your files. When using Cubbit, your files are in the highest security environment. No one can access them, even our team.

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Here is the most important security features and compared Cubbit to Microsoft OneDrive

In the following chart, you can see the most important features that make a business cloud storage secure. Check what Cubbit has to offer as a OneDrive alternative.






Zero-knowledge encrypted storage

Geographical granular distribution

End-to-end encrypted file sharing

Parallel P2P encrypted connections


No physical data center

Users’ data inaccessible to provider

Highest level of GDPR compliance

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List of security problems

Since OneDrive keeps their data on Microsoft Azure’s server, we wanted you to be aware of the known leaks.






Microsoft databases housing 250 million customer support records going back to 2005 were accidentally exposed on the open internet.

Wow! Such empty


More than half a million sensitive documents of its customers were exposed on the Internet, ranging from backed-up emails to letters, spreadsheets, screenshots, and more.

Distributed vs centralized network

Cubbit relies on a unique distributed network, instead of data centers. Your data are encrypted, multiplied and stored on the thousands of nodes of the network. This is an always growing infrastructure of storage units, powered by our community of privacy enthusiasts, the Swarm.
This means that if OneDrive exposes you to one single point uptimes (data center goes down, your files goes down), with Cubbit you have a whole Swarm on your side.

Does it matter where Microsoft is based?

Microsoft is headquartered in the U.S., which is another potential security problem. Governmental laws, such as the Patriot Act, give agencies the ability to demand access to your data. Since Microsoft is able to see your files, it is able to share them as well. And they did: as they admitted in their report, in the first half of 2020 alone they received information requests from governments and courts about almost 50,000 of their customers' accounts. Microsoft responded by providing their users' information or content in 65% of the cases." It is always less risky to pick a company based somewhere with stronger cloud privacy laws or not storing data in the U.S.

Cubbit: The easy and safest alternative to OneDrive

Replace OneDrive with a secure alternative. Try Cubbit!
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Your storage plan - whatever your needs, find the right solution to suit your workload.

Store, share and work on a cloud that’s controlled by you. Collaborate with internal and external colleagues, with the peace of mind that no-one can access your files. There’s power in numbers and together our users form the most private and secure cloud available.

All plans include:

  • Privacy by design

  • Zero-knowledge encryption

  • Sensitive data protection

  • Supports all file extensions

  • Team administrator roles

  • Customer centric support

  • Collaborate remotely

  • Save C02 on every file stored