an affordable and secure SugarSync alternative

SugarSync is a secure cloud backup provider for security-aware people.
They do a great job supporting their clients, but it has an issue: a very massive price tag. You can replace them with Cubbit!

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Look under the hood and see the details in the level of security

Sugarsync uses encryption to protect your files at rest and in transit. Unfortunately, it’s not a zero-knowledge provider.
According to
Sugarsync’s Help Center, they still keep access to your data to a few “select individuals”.
Promising high-level security but keeping the right to access your data is a bit creepy!
That means Sugarsync’s employees could read your files.We believe in privacy as a fundamental right for everyone.
No workaround for it, you should be the only one who can access your files.
Be careful what level of security you get.

Why consider privacy, sustainability, and security together?

We are in the era of "cloud or privacy".
But, why not both? Why not also helping the environment?
Companies and people want to take back the privacy of their work but not all of them want to pay a premium price for that.
We believe in privacy as a right, not a premium feature. We make this possible thanks to a distributed network.
Sugarsync stores its data on one of the cloud giants’ data centers, which not only is expensive but also contributes to global warming.
You don’t need data centers to store and securely share your files.
Join the circle of users who believe in a distributed internet!

Here are the most important security features and compared Cubbit to SugarSync

In the following chart, you can see the most important features that make a business cloud storage secure. Check what Cubbit has to offer as a SugarSync alternative.

Logo cubbitsugarsync logo




Zero-knowledge encrypted storage
Geographical granular distribution
End-to-end encrypted file sharing
Parallel P2P encrypted connections


No physical data center
Users’ data inaccessible to provider
Highest level of GDPR compliance
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Distributed vs centralized network

Cubbit relies on a unique distributed network. It means we don’t use data centers at all.
Therefore Cubbit is 10x greener than the industry standards!
Your data is multiplied and stored on nodes, called Cubbit Cells.
This is a network of storage units all around the globe, powered by our continuously growing community of privacy enthusiasts.
Your files are encrypted, divided, and distributed across this network. This added an extra layer of protection and reliability is unique to Cubbit.Advantages of our approach:
- Cubbit is the only cloud applying 3 layers of security to your files
- Cubbit is 10x greener than the industry standards thanks to the distributed infrastructure not requiring polluting cooling systems
- Cubbit makes you pay for a great service and not for the maintenance of data centers

Hey SugarSync! Cubbit seems to overshine you in many ways!

It’s time to replace SugarSync with an affordable and greener alternative. Why not take Cubbit for a spin?
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