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Tresorit is a secure cloud storage solution and it really goes the extra mile to secure your files, but it has an issue: a very hefty price tag.

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Tresorit is supporting the unequal internet

We believe in the distributed internet.
We believe it because privacy is everyone’s fundamental right and we shouldn’t pay extra for security. Even if Tresorit is a great and secure tool, it is still a victim of the internet led by the goliaths. It stores data on one of the giants’ servers: Microsoft.
Storing data at Microsoft is not only expensive but also strengthens the unequal internet. This is one of the reasons of Tresorit’s high pricing.
Cubbit choose not to be a victim and became instead the driver of the distributed internet. Join the circle of businesses who believe in a distributed internet!
Did you know?
Microsoft Azure had data breaches in the past.

We’ve listed the most important security features and compared Cubbit to Tresorit

In the following table, you can see the most important features that make a business cloud storage secure. Let’s see what Cubbit has to offer as a Tresorit alternative.

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Zero-knowledge encrypted storage
Geographical granular distribution
End-to-end encrypted file sharing
Parallel P2P encrypted connections


No physical data center
Users’ data inaccessible to provider
Highest level of GDPR compliance
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List of security problems

Since Tresorit keeps their data on Microsoft Azure’s server, we wanted you to be aware of the known leaks.
Tresorit is a very secure service but it still have to trust on data centers, here is the security problems experienced by Microsoft’s Azure datacenter. It may not have affected Tresorit but it could, why risk? Choose Cubbit!

Distributed vs centralized network

Cubbit relies on a unique distributed network, instead of data servers. Your data is multiplied and stored on nodes, called Cubbit Cells. This is a network of storage units all around the globe, powered by our continuously growing community of privacy enthusiasts. This process adds an extra layer of protection and reliability which is unique to Cubbit.
On the other hand Tresorit keeps your data in one single location. This means that you are more exposed to one single data center’s uptime. When the data center goes down, you can’t access your data.

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Microsoft databases housing 250 million customer support records going back to 2005 were accidentally exposed on the open internet.


More than half a million sensitive documents of its customers were exposed on the Internet, ranging from backed-up emails to letters, spreadsheets, screenshots, and more

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