S3 Compatible Cloud Object Storage: Confirmo enters Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud

"We are confident that storing data in an end-to-end encrypted cloud, which brings together integrity and cybersecurity, will allow us to implement new distributed services for data management with respect for privacy and with high levels of security, even given Cubbit's s3 compatible cloud object storage application."

Marco Cappellini - CEO, Confirmo

Descrizione servizi

Confirmo was born from founder Marco Cappellini's ready assessment of the needs of the audience operating in the health sector. The extensive and solid technical expertise of co-founder and CTO Stefano Rova enabled them to envision a product that could make a difference in healthcare. 

They simplify the management and signing of sensitive data documents, automating processes while ensuring high-security standards for their preservation and complete legal validity. Not to mention the critical positive impact on the environment.

This is Confirmo. But let's learn more about what lies behind it and why it embraced Cubbit's s3 compatible cloud object storage.

Simplicity and transition to digital: Confirmo's recipe

"Our customers decide to rely on the first and only e-signature solution that puts awareness at the center," explains Marco (CEO, Confirmo). "A person-centric platform for signing a document."

Being able to rely on a streamlined workflow by choosing a solution that combines innovative technology and extreme ease of use attracts customers to Confirmo. From the very first time, every user can use this digital platform as intuitively as if it were pen and paper.

confirmo mock up cloud object storage s3 compatible

Being accompanied in the digital transition is not the usual slogan. For this reason, Confirmo can be integrated with other management software to facilitate the growth from hybrid to completely paperless management. 

"Our clients know they can count on a digital process transformation path designed for every type of user, from the less experienced to the digital native.

We carefully assess their needs and turn them into features of our product. We guide them in choosing what best suits their real needs."

Stefano Rova - CTO, Confirmo

Quality digitization

The one of Confirmo is a mission driven by the desire to digitize but encompass a broad quality offering. 

Feeling at the center of the process is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that drive the choice of its clients: "All the benefits that those who have decided to use our product receive," explains Marco (CEO, Confirmo), "positively impact their clients who experience agile and efficient management of bureaucracy, transparency and greater awareness, which translates into less risk of complaints and litigation."

A professional, helpful, open, and inclusive team with a deep concern for respect is felt at every stage of customer contact, from product presentation to sales and technical support. 

Enthusiasm and the ability to take on challenges are the hallmarks of tackling new projects, proposals, and collaborations with our partners. Awareness is one of Confirmo's founding principles. "We make users aware," says Marco (CEO, Confirmo), "of the benefits of having a full legal value solution for their business, using innovative communication channels that manage to intercept every segment of their clientele." 

Flexibility is another core value for Confirmo. The proposed product is modular — the ability to sign with all central simple, advanced, and qualified electronic signature systems. They are signing agreements, consents, and quotes from any device, anywhere, at any time. 

"We maintain an open and attentive vision of what surrounds us to be able to intercept the needs that emerge in an ever-changing world that needs flexible minds and expertise."

Marco Cappellini - CEO, Confirmo

Quality is another crucial element that makes a difference in Confirmo's business, focusing on certification paths for process quality and information security. "In this business perspective, we decided to manage sensitive data in the cloud." - says Stefano Rova, Confirmo CTO.

"Last but certainly not least, our commitment to positively impacting the planet is reflected in our projects. 

We make our clients participate in every single one of their contributions because we are convinced that the small daily actions allow us to protect the future together."

Marco Cappellini - CEO, Confirmo

And with a view to data sovereignty, security in data storage, and environmental impact, Confirmo looks at the distributed cloud technology proposed by a Next Generation Cloud born in Italy and unique in Europe: Cubbit.

S3 Compatible Cloud Object Storage: Confirmo and Cubbit's distributed cloud

"Confirmo has always been working on distributed digital trust models," explains Stefano (CTO, Confirmo). "The next generation architecture with s3 compatible cloud object storage fits with this distributed vision outlining the future of web 3.0."

Confirmo sees Cubbit s3 compatible cloud object storage as the perfect partner to take data security to a higher level and develop innovative cloud services.

"We are confident that storing data in an end-to-end encrypted cloud, which brings together integrity and cybersecurity, will allow us to implement new distributed services for data management in full respect of privacy and with high levels of security, also with a view to Cubbit's  s3 compatible cloud object storage application."

Marco Cappellini - CEO, Confirmo

"In addition," adds Stefano (CTO, Confirmo), "Cubbit best meets our need to make data inaccessible at every stage of its processing. We want to rely on providers who share with us the importance of protecting the environment in which we live. We believe that together it is easier to overcome fundamental challenges.

Working with people with a disruptive but concrete vision, coupled with expertise and strategy, is undoubtedly one of the reasons to choose Cubbit as a partner for your company. "

In 5 years, Web 3.0 will dominate our every experience: if you, with your company, want to contribute to being among the first to bring it to Italy, and Europe, write to us! We look forward to welcoming you among the pioneers of the Next Generation Cloud.

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