CNS joins Next Generation Cloud Pioneers, the first cooperative cloud

"We decided to join Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program to increasingly acquire the role of an aggregator entity that activates and manages innovation processes for our members. We can build and deliver our own cooperative and distributed cloud network across the entire membership like wildfire."

Luigi Zucchelli - Integrated technical and development area director, CNS

Consorzio Nazionale Servizi (CNS) is a consortium of cooperatives specializing in the provision of Facility Management, Ecology, Energy and Maintenance, Cleaning, Catering, Logistics, Museum Services, and Other Services also under the Global Service formula.

It is an expression of the cooperative world with which it shares the founding values: from respect for the individual to the dignity of labor, from legality to transparency to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

On behalf of its members, it participates in public and private tenders, acquires contracts and work orders for the provision of services, ensures the proper execution of contractual services through its coordination structure, and provides support to member companies to improve the service quality levels and business organization.

160 member enterprises, 3 offices in Italy, 528 Million turnovers (2020).

CNS is a leader in service management for sizeable real estate complexes, territorial areas, and the individual. An entrepreneurial journey began in 1977 and has grown as much in results as in consistency with cooperation's ethical and social values. 

The National Services Consortium was established in Rome on September 27, 1977, on the initiative of eleven labor cooperatives in the services sector, with the primary purpose of having the cooperatives or consortia perform work contracts hired by private individuals or public agencies.

Initially, the member cooperatives mainly performed cleaning, goods handling, porterage, maintenance, ecology, catering, transportation, energy management, and social services. Over the years, concierge services, tourist-museum management, facility management, and global service activities have been added.

The latter activities enhance the Consortium'sConsortium's expertise in coordinating complex supply chains while at the same time fostering the development of individual member cooperatives in a variety of sectors.

dipendente cns cubbit primo cloud cooperativo

What are the main ingredients of CNS's success? 

The elements on which the ConsortiumConsortium has based its success over time have been its ability to create added value for its member cooperatives and its flexibility in regularly updating strategic directions and organizational arrangements in an ever-changing market. 

With what happened in 2020, this model became even more consolidated, demonstrating its ability to act by ensuring continuous support for members in the face of an ongoing health emergency. A resilient consortium has developed new services and moved toward a stable and concrete business model for its members and stakeholders.

CNS relies heavily on three pillars: Legality, Sustainability, and Innovation. Three stars of the legality rating as proof of a strong focus on transparency, 9 the goals of Agenda 2030 that it pursues through its activities, to consolidate its commitment to sustainable development consistent with mutual and cooperative principles.  

In 2021 CNS was among the 100 Italian sustainable excellences in the ranking compiled by Credit Suisse and Kon Group, in collaboration with Altis Università Cattolica and Reprise. An essential recognition with inclusion in the Forbes top 100 most sustainable Italian companies.

stabilimento cns entra in next generation cloud pioneers di cubbit

For CNS, Innovation is the ability to design with the future in mind, seeking efficient, flexible, and sustainable solutions. This strong drive, together with constant monitoring of the level of technology required by the market and substantial investment in technology and research, has led to the creation of an ecosystem of increasingly specialized skills, which is why CNS is alongside some of the national excellence in the field of research, such as the Competence Center of Bologna BI-REX of which the ConsortiumConsortium is a founding member.

The goal is to transfer added value for members and substantial competitive advantage to projects and offerings aimed at the market, combining innovation and sustainability.

"In recent years, we have implemented several projects and collaborations," says Luigi Zucchelli (Director of Integrated Technical and Development Area, CNS). "We have activated a framework agreement with the Milan Polytechnic within which we can-along with our members who intend to develop distinctive, innovative projects-and, support the member in the development of projects to accompany digital and ecological transition processes."

"We perform a real transfer of technological know-how to our members. We provide them with cutting-edge tools and technologies."

Luigi Zucchelli - Director of integrated technical area and development, CNS

Digitization, innovation, cooperation. CNS joins Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers.

And in this constant evolutionary process, CNS adopts valuable solutions for developing information and digitization.

"We decided to join Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program to increasingly acquire the role of an aggregator subject: one that activates and manages innovation processes for our members."

Luigi Zucchelli - Director of integrated technical area and development, CNS

All these activities reflect CNS's vision of mutuality, made up of innovative services, research, opportunities and tools for participation, and dialogue.

uffici cns cubbit primo cloud cooperativo

But that's not all: the Consortium's mission is to support less structured cooperatives on a growth path that makes them competitive against market challenges while cultivating knowledge and skills.

The opportunity to become providers of cooperative distributed cloud technologies becomes crucial: the ConsortiumConsortium itself can provide the necessary volumes and network while guaranteeing its member's data sovereignty, privacy protection, low cost, and reduced carbon footprint.

"We thus achieve a new potential business model: cooperation is managed in a new way thanks to Cubbit. We can build and provide our own cooperative and distributed cloud network across the entire social enterprise in a spotty manner."

Luigi Zucchelli - Director of integrated technical area and development, CNS

Also, achieving sustainability goals about Agenda 2030 and the ability to report on one's impact is no less critical. Cubbit's distributed cloud ensures that the CNS chain of cooperatives can be less impactful than the IT server infrastructure now required to handle the ever-increasing data. 

So what are you waiting for to become a Pioneer? Book your call today!


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