Amadori chooses Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers as cutting-edge solution for its data

"Cubbit has many points of similarity with Amadori. We share the characteristics of innovation, made in Italy, security, and sustainability."

Sandro Salvigni - Head of Digital Transformation, Gruppo Amadori

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The food industry is becoming increasingly sustainable: Amadori joins Next Generation Cloud Pioneers, a group of Italian companies cooperating with Cubbit to design a future in which its data plays a leading role.

But why did the Italian food giant choose the distributed cloud-considered by Gartner to be one of the technology trends of the coming years?

Amadori, an Italian story

The story of this giant starts very far back — a path of continuous growth that began in Romagna in the 1930s. An entrepreneurial story that, always looking to tomorrow, is still nourished today by the same passion of the first day.

But above all, a story of innovation. In fact, over the past few years, the Group has made significant investments to continue to grow throughout its integrated supply chain, which is 100% Italian, guaranteed, and certified at every stage. At the heart of this process is the strenuous search for ever better solutions, with cutting-edge technologies based on sustainable development policy in economic, social, and environmental terms. Constant is the company's commitment to increasing energy production from renewable sources, reducing waste, and enhancing the value of each resource with a view to a circular economy.

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All this makes the Amadori Group one of the prominent leaders in the Italian agrifood sector, specializing in the poultry sector, with a market share of around 30 percent of the total poultry meat in Italy. The Group can count on more than 9,000 employees, all working in the territory of the Bel Paese. The company is also distinguished by the integrated management of its supply chain, consisting of 5 hatcheries, 4 feed mills (plus one on account), 6 food processing plants, more than 800 farms both under direct management and in agreement, as well as 3 primary logistics platforms and 19 distribution centers between branches and agencies that ensure widespread distribution throughout the country.

Amadori + Cubbit: when innovation is made in Italy

The Amadori Group embodies the innovative spirit that characterizes the Italian poultry sector and is fully trusted by customers and consumers. The Amadori integrated supply chain, 100% Italian and entirely managed by the company, remains the beacon of all investments aimed at increasing quality, innovating technologically, and making each stage of the production process increasingly sustainable.

A process that, year after year, increasingly leverages digital. It is in this journey towards tomorrow that the Amadori Group meets Cubbit and enters Next Generation Cloud Pioneers: an exclusive group of innovative Italian companies working together to ensure data sovereignty, privacy protection, low costs, and reduction of CO2 emissions. 

"Cubbit has many points of similarity with Amadori. We share the characteristics of innovation, made in Italy, security, and sustainability."

Sandro Salvigni - Head of Digital Transformation, Gruppo Amadori

Thanks to this partnership, Amadori is equipped with an innovative storage infrastructure, benefiting from the levels of security that Cubbit's cloud guarantees in terms of end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy and disaster recovery, and business continuity characteristic of the distributed cloud paradigm.

If you, too, want to make your data a star, contact us, and together we will find the best solution for your needs.

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