The 3 reasons why Imola Informatica chose to join Next Generation Cloud Pioneers

"With Next Generation Cloud Pioneers, we have 3 points in common: a passion for technologies, a focus on the ecological footprint, and a drive to network with a made-in-Italy approach. I am thinking in particular of the Open Innovation lab, which we started with the University of Bologna and many realities of the territory." 

Filippo Bosi - AD, Imola Informatica e Clipperz

Imola Informatica joins Next Generation Cloud Pioneers: a group of Italian companies cooperating with Cubbit to bring Europe a new way of storing and sharing data securely and sustainably.

But what prompted this IT consulting firm to join Europe's first B2B distributed cloud storage network?

Filippo Bosi (CEO) tells about Imola Informatica

Imola Informatica was founded in 1983, in an almost prehistoric era for IT in Italy. For nearly 40 years, it has been able to anticipate the course of technological evolution by investing in research, human resources, and collaborations with important international partners.

'We are an independent IT consulting company, made up of different people united by a passion for technology and research,' says Filippo Bosi (CEO, Imola Informatica, and Clipperz). 'We support companies in their paths of change and digital transformation: with sartorial care, we design and implement unique solutions sewn on the needs of the individual client. We take charge of every stage, from conception to adoption of technological solutions, consistent with the strategy, context, and specificities of each organization.'

'We are consultants, partners, and advisors who take on complex challenges with a team spirit. We are helped by our methodological and technological experience, gained in the field in different business areas, and ongoing research activities.'

Filippo Bosi - AD, Imola Informatica e Clipperz

Imola Informatica differentiates itself by its constant push for research: internally in its Lab and externally with academia.

From Cybersecurity to Smart Cities: where (and how) Imola Informatica operates.

Imola Informatica's focus is marked by the growth of its customers and people: Architectures, Security Architectures, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Strategy, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture, Healthcare & Life science, Infrastructure, Integration, IoT, Mobile, and Smart City.

Imola Informatica operates mainly in the B2B market, finance, and insurance but is expanding its presence in other sectors such as Life science, Manufacturing, and Utilities.

'People's ideas and insights have made our history,' explains Filippo Bosi (CEO, Imola Informatica, and Clipperz). 'Thanks to their value, we are still an Italian IT consulting company independent of brand or product constraints, able to stand in a market dominated chiefly by multinationals and big tech. We always have, at Imola Informatica, bet on human capital, on cities, and agile, widespread work. '

'Our added value? It is the human value.'

Filippo Bosi - AD, Imola Informatica e Clipperz

Networking: the secret of Imola Informatica

Relationships, collaborations, and partnerships are part of Imola Informatica's deepest value identity.

'We are part of a network that shares the idea of making innovation fit for people, businesses, and the community,' explains Filippo Bosi (CEO, Imola Informatica, and Clipperz). 'We are committed to the conscious and sustainable development of local communities and smart cities. Our company uses a zero-impact green data center to curb our environmental impact. We are active in Clust-ER innovate and various academic and industry networks to develop relationships and knowledge.'

Together with the University of Bologna, Imola Informatica has started the Open Innovation Lab to better connect the research world with companies and institutions in the area.

The goal is to create an open and accessible technological innovation ecosystem to grow local communities.

Hungry for knowledge and sharing, the Imola Informatica team constantly updates and believes in sharing knowledge and expertise. At Imola Informatica, everyone is a trainer, not only in business or during Lunch&Learn: technology Camps, school-to-work alternation projects, and science outreach aimed at girls and boys, such as the CoderDojo, are animated.

'Today, we are a growing reality, better at doing than telling our stories. In so many years of history, we have changed, and what we want to become when we grow up, we are building with the team spirit that has always animated us.'

Filippo Bosi - AD, Imola Informatica e Clipperz

Filippo Bosi (CEO) reveals the 3 reasons Imola Informatica is joining the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers team.

Imola Informatica is constantly searching for technological innovation, particularly interested in cybersecurity. It has been developing zero-knowledge and data storage aspects through its vault&password manager service, Clipperz.

'There have been many points of encounter with Next Generation Cloud Pioneers: from the focus on cybersecurity and footprint to the push to network with a made-in-Italy approach.'

Filippo Bosi - AD, Imola Informatica e Clipperz

Joining Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers team allows Imola Informatica to:

1. Study a new distributed cloud model closely and collaborate on its implementation thanks to the experience gained with Clipperz, vault&password manager 'that knows nothing about you and your data,' which is inspired by values very similar to those of Cubbit.

2. Collaborate with a reality of the Emiliano Romagnolo territory, looking together at a broader horizon.

3. Offer people in Imola Informatica an encrypted space to be able to store their data and make personal use of it. 'As always, when we open up opportunities for our employees, new valuable ideas are born.' - Bosi, CEO Imola Informatica, and Clipperz.

Cybersecurity and sustainability: this you can find in the made-in-Italy network of Next Generation Cloud Pioneers. Please don't wait any longer: book your call and talk to our team of experts.


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