SCM Group chooses Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud: here's why Industry 4.0 needs the distributed cloud

"I consider the benefit the company gets from Cubbit's security essential. I would recommend it as an innovative tool with clear goals and a smart pricing model."

Andrea Landini - group information technology director, SCM Group S.p.A.

Whether we talk about digital manufacturing or Industry 4.0, SCM Group is the centerpiece. 4,000 employees, more than 700 million in turnover, and as many as three large, highly specialized industrial hubs: these are the numbers of the Rimini-based holding company that in its 70-year history has expanded to 5 continents with a widespread direct presence. A reality that invests 7% of turnover each year and is now a world leader in materials processing (wood, glass, metal, stone, plastics, and advanced materials) and industrial components. 

But above all, SCM Group is a solid family business with a long-term vision, a company that focuses on people, their professionalism, quality of life, and attention to the territory-not only the one of origin, but all the places where the Group has developed over the years. 

Founded in 1952, SCM Group exports 90 percent of its production according to a logic of sustainable development based on innovation. And it is with this in mind that the company has established the Innovation function, an internal department that not only analyzes the evolution of the market but aims to anticipate the future needs of customers — a Group, therefore, whose cornerstone is solidity, respect for people, internationality and innovation.

"Values we transmit worldwide through our communication and training channels, with the fundamental contribution of the Group's more than twenty subsidiaries, operating on five continents."

Andrea Landini -  group information technology director, SCM Group S.p.A.

Lots of research then, especially in data management and cybersecurity, two needs increasingly felt by today's customers. In 2022, studies say, the demand for security will only increase. Hence, the choice of Cubbit.

SCM Group + Cubbit: the distributed cloud at the service of Industry 4.0.

For a company that wants to invent the future or, in Zuckerberg's words, "move fast and break things," - the customer relationship is crucial. This prompted SCM Group to join Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers.

"The relationship with the customer must be able to find in the Group companies a strong, reliable and innovative partner," Andrea Landini (group information technology director, SCM Group S.p.A.) tells us. "For all SCM Group companies for seventy years, transforming matter has been a vocation with a view to continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services offered.

During the presentation of Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud product, I was struck by some aspects that I consider very important. The possibility of improving corporate information security and equipping ourselves with tools not available in the market today to improve the management of it." 

"We glimpsed as pioneers the possibility (for us as a manufacturing company) to be able to participate and collaborate in the technological development of the solutions so that they can adapt perfectly to our needs as well."

Andrea Landini -  group information technology director, SCM Group S.p.A.

The three unique benefits that Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud will bring to SCM Group.

"I think it is fundamental," Andrea Landini (group information technology director, SCM Group S.p.A.) explains to us, "the benefit that the company would get in terms of security of its business information considering that the economic investment and the renewal/expense terms are attractive. Not to mention the possibility of taking advantage of new security tools for our users to manage our data. I would recommend it as an innovative tool with clear objectives and an attractive pricing model."

Are you in Industry 4.0? If so, contact us and find out how Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers bring new value to your data - all while respecting privacy.


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