smeup + Cubbit: when distributed cloud meets Digital Transformation

"Next Generation Cloud Pioneers allows us to no longer be passive to an external vendor, but part of the evolution journey, and thus provide even more value to our customers."

Dario Vemagi  - CEO & CTO, smeup ICS

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There is much talk about Digital Transformation, but few are moving from words to action. Among them is smeup, an Italian giant that has been a technological reference point for the SME universe since the 1980s. Or rather, a true strategic partner, with its unique know-how, knows how to fulfill the needs of companies that want to differentiate themselves in the market.

Innovation as a service. And the numbers prove it. The company has 15 offices in Italy, 505 resources, 2450 clients worldwide, and over 70 million revenues in 2021 alone. What's the secret? A vision all about digitization, the aggregation of different bits of intelligence and realities with typical customer know-how, weaving together complex business processes and simplifying them, and achieving no small result: turning the client company's product into data and the data into added value. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Jobs said.

That's why SMEs. Innovation in Italy is like a highway with works in progress, with large companies in the fast lane and small and medium-sized companies stuck in the back. The problems are manifold. Capital, skills, time to market: resources in short supply if you are an SME. And that's where smeup comes in.

Why distributed cloud is the key to Digital Transformation.

The cloud is your bread and butter when your business model transforms the product into data. But for a company like smeup, which bills itself as a top-notch technology advisor, the solutions advanced by the big players can't work. Security. Privacy. Energy efficiency. Simplicity. Without these pillars, it is not possible to have a competitive advantage in data management.

"We believe that more and more," comments Dario Vemagi (CEO & CTO, smeup ICS), "the value of data and all of its management will become major assets of every company. Companies like us who want to remain innovative and bring value to their customers can only be constantly looking for differentiating technology elements that explore little-trodden paths. By joining Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud, we believe we can contribute to a different and better vision: flanking traditional centralized cloud services with a more cost-effective, secure, and green distributed solution."

We will focus on these main activities:

  • Integrating s3 compatible cloud object storage into all our software solutions, both in on-premise and cloud delivery;
  • Develop data management projects following the anywhere - anytime paradigm;
  • Introduce innovative tools for managing data in a secure and traceable manner."

But why Cubbit specifically, and why Next Generation Cloud Pioneers?

"It's partly a want and partly a need," adds Dario Vemagi (CEO & CTO, smeup ICS). "Staying competitive is a mix of execution capability, innovation, and practicality. Additional complexity is added by a market that continually evolves very quickly." 

"Next Generation Cloud Pioneers allows us to no longer be passive to an external vendor, but part of the evolution path, and thus provide even more value to our customers."

Dario Vemagi  - CEO & CTO, smeup ICS

This is why smeup chose Cubbit as a partner. If you are a business constantly looking for a new way to innovate, contact us: we will be happy to introduce you to the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers world.

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