Simple, secure, and high-performant hybrid cloud strategy

Break free from bandwidth constraints. Ensure quick recovery of your cold backups while collaborating securely on your virtual machines or local NAS.

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Hybrid Mount (QNAP): hot collaboration & cold backup

Through the S3 protocol, QNAP provides a shared folder in the local network, whose space consists of two tiers. The first is a fast bucket (minimum 20 GB) on the QNAP NAS saved locally for immediate, collaborative access. The second tier is a high-capacity bucket where cold data is backed up to the Cubbit geo-distributed object storage network, safe from downtime and data breaches.

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Quick recovery of cold backups via Synology or QNAP

Hyper Backup (Synology) and Hybrid Backup Sync (QNAP) strategies let you restore cold backups quickly. They provide two-way synchronization between NAS and Cubbit to complete your 321 backup plan, schedule backup jobs, and protect your data from ransomware and natural disasters. This way, you can leverage deduplication technology to compress data, save bandwidth, and reduce transfer times.

$ aws s3api put-object --endpoint

Simplify your file management

Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy has never been easier. To integrate your Synology/QNAP with Cubbit, you only need to change one configuration parameter (along with an API key generated by Cubbit domains). After that, you can manage your files file, backup, and restore from an all-in-one interface.



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