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Hardware specifications


dual core ARM Cortex
A53 processor up to 1.2GHz

Power supply

12V DC jack


1x USB 3.0

Network Connectivity

1x Gbit Ethernet

System Memory


What the Swarm is saying

Cubbit’s technology is powered by our users, and our team is powered by our amazing users’ feedback. Check out what the Swarm is saying about us.


IT professional

I am very interested in seeing distributed technology make its way to the market, and I have been looking for a storage solution for a few months now. I was going to go for a NAS but with Cubbit I saved money and time with RAID configuration. And the idea of creating a distributed p2p backup is brilliant!



I have been paying Dropbox Premium for almost 4 years which has cost me a lot of money over time. I can finally get rid of monthly subscriptions once I move all my files to Cubbit. Just started using it and the features are quite similar, even if Cubbit is still limited on many aspects but they’re constantly releasing new updates. So excited to be part of this community and I can’t wait to use the final version.


Graphic Designer

I always had difficulties with sharing files on my NAS (WD's myCloud) and I found it easier via email. For sharing very large files with clients and collaborators I was still carrying around my hard drive. With Cubbit I solved this perfectly. And I can also select certain folders on my desktop to be synchronized on the cloud automatically. It’s way better than any other personal cloud out there.


Professional Photographer

Unlike every single other NAS I've tried, with Cubbit I’m able to access my own files, from anywhere in the world, with sharing capabilities. Other NAS devices are only accessible from within my own LAN (so useless) due to my provider's firewall. I want to be able to access files from anywhere and add/delete/edit them like I was doing with Apple/Google/DropBox before their costs became unsupportable. Cubbit is the answer.


Freelance Web Designer

I travel a lot and I’m always afraid of losing or breaking my external hard drives. Thanks to Cubbit I finally got rid of them. Now I have all my content in one, secure place, accessible from anywhere.


Retired and Amateur Photographer

I have accumulated many photographs over the years and it would be a tragedy of major proportions to lose them. Cubbit is perfect for me since I can store all my pictures and videos with peace of mind. Awesome product and super easy to use.


What is the current development status?

Cubbit started as a very successful crowdfunding campaign and has been undergoing rigorous development since with multiple features released and many more to come! For information on what features we have released and which are being worked on, please visit our development roadmap. For further information about Cubbit, our project or to get in touch with us - feel free to visit our Help Center.

How is the Cubbit Cell different from a NAS?

Transfer speed: transfers from/to Cubbit take advantage of multiple, parallel, p2p connections. With a NAS, instead, you are limited by your own bandwidth. Security: no one, (even those with physical access to your Cell), can access your data, as they aren’t stored on your Cell but in the Swarm. Fault-tolerance: if your NAS goes offline for any reason you lose access to your files. Instead, if your Cubbit Cell goes offline you can still access your files.

What is your warranty?

The Cell comes covered by a two-year warranty, during which you will receive a new Cell if any hardware fault that falls under the warranty conditions occurs. After that period, you will be free to access the hard drive inside the Cell and manually replace it. Note: modifying the Cell during the warranty period will make invalidate the warranty.

What if my internet connection is down?

If your Cubbit Cell goes offline you can still access your files. The Cubbit network is fault-tolerant, meaning that whatever happens to the Cubbit Cell your files remain safe within the Cubbit network. Your files aren’t stored on your Cell but distributed in the form of dozens of encrypted chunks across the large network of Cubbit Cells.

What is the Guaranteed Delivery or Money Back Policy?

If, for any reason, Cubbit is unable to ship your Cell to you, your money will be refunded to the account you purchased with.

How can I be sure that Cubbit will offer service for years to come?

Cubbit is supported by national and international organizations that think we are doing great work - as well as by our amazing backers who helped us deliver one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history – raising more than $1,000,000. On a technical level, the network has an intrinsic surplus of storage: 50% of the connected storage is made available as cloud space to the user, 25% is used for redundancy, and we leverage the remaining 25% to provide web services to businesses to sustain the service in the long run.

Is performance limited by home internet connections?

File transfers from the network to the client are performed through multiple, parallel peer-to-peer connections. This is similar to an optimized version of the torrent protocol and allows for very high performance. In uploading a new file the limiting factor is, similar to any traditional cloud provider, the home-connection upload speed. However, if the user is connected to the same local network of a Cubbit device (e.g. at home), the client will transfer the file to Cubbit first, at a high local-transfer speed. The device will later take care of the actual uploading the shards to the network, freeing the user from long waiting times.

What if some Cells go offline?

It is not a problem - only when over ⅔ of Cubbit Cells, simultaneously go offline will the coordinator server need to trigger the recovery procedure. The procedure forces the Cubbit Cells that already have your chunks to send a copy to other Cubbit Cells in the network, guaranteeing the redundancy of your files.

Will Cubbit have an iOS and Android app?

Yes. Right now we are focused on developing a solid desktop experience and making sure the network is robust and seamless in its operation. There is a simple web interface for using files on mobile, but in 2020 we will be ramping up our development of native mobile applications so that we can bring this deeper level of functionality to our users.

Will the Cubbit Cell use a lot of my bandwidth?

The bandwidth used by the Cubbit Cell is always kept in check by Cubbit so to avoid excessive consumption. Cubbit, in fact, makes use of the µTP protocol, which continuously monitors the network and limits itself in order to stay in the background. The µTP protocol is an open UDP-based variant of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer, file-sharing protocol intended to mitigate poor latency and other congestion control issues.

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