Affordable, sovereign, fully compliant cloud storage for the Public Sector

Complete your digital transformation with CapEx-friendly cloud storage that's secure, fully compliant, at a fraction of the cost.

Trusted by 5,000+ public institutions, customers, and businesses

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Move the budget from OpEx to CapEx

You can mark the purchase of our SaaS service as an investment item, unlocking public funds and storing large volumes of data at a fraction of the cost.

Protect data from disasters

Every data you store in Cubbit is encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across the network — safe from downtime and data breaches.

Shield yourself from ransomware

Cubbit uses encryption, versioning, object locking, and identity access management (IAM) to make your data immutable to ransomware.

Get back your digital sovereignty

Get full sovereignty by defining the area where your data is stored, in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ACN (ex AgID), and ISO (check our certifications).

Set up in a few minutes, intuitively

Set up your secure, off-site backups in minutes. Cubbit is compatible with Veeam, Nakivo, Synology, and the entire S3 ecosystem.

Meet your ESG goals

Cubbit owns no data center, therefore, you can save 25 kg of CO2 per TB stored each year.

What our customers say

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'We used to do backup for disaster recovery with other U.S. providers. Now we moved a part of it on Cubbit. The advantage is having ransomware protection, geographic proximity for performance, and fulfilling GDPR-related issues.'

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Giuseppe Giovinazzi
CIO, Trasporti pubblici Parma
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Whatever the use case, Cubbit is your solution

Secure and intuitive cloud migration

Thanks to S3 compatibility, you are one-click away from moving data from local storage to a fully secure, geo-fenced, and GDPR-compliant cloud storage. And you can manage all your storage solutions from one single interface.


Ransomware and disasters can cause downtime and data loss, putting you out of business. Cubbit is your insurance: geo-redundant, immutable, GDPR compliant — with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Long-term storage compliance

Strict public sector regulations ask you to keep data in good condition and always available for audit. With Cubbit, you can do this and more, enforcing full compliance, security, and affordability in your archiving practices.

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Video surveillance storage

Set up a hybrid cloud solution where your data is saved on local storage and on the cloud for extra security. Plus you can offload precious local storage capacity to the cloud, saving on your budget when you need to.

Hybrid cloud

Virtually extend your NAS: ensure quick recovery of your cold backups while collaborating securely on your virtual machines or local storage. Plus, you can add an off-site backup line to your NAS without paying for further licenses.

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Ransomware protection

The average ransomware attack causes 136 hours of downtime. With Cubbit, you can make your data immutable to ransomware thanks to S3 Versioning, S3 Object Locking, and encrypted backups.

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Automate scripting processes, stay compliant, and easily migrate large amounts of data. Just change your endpoint and connect rclone/AWS CLI to Cubbit — it’s that easy.

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Leverage Cubbit APIs and build applications in the cloud with ease and performance.

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Affordable, sovereign cloud storage for the Public Sector
Complete your digital transformation with CapEx-friendly cloud storage that's secure, fully compliant, at a fraction of the cost.