S3 Integrations

Veeam, Synology, QNAP, and more! Explore all the services you can integrate with Cubbit and enhance your security, flexibility, and usability.

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Automate fast, secure, and immutable off-site backups via Veeam or any S3 compatible client. Easily store your backups on Cubbit, ensuring that your data is protected in the event of a disaster.

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Hybrid Cloud

Virtually extend your NAS and virtual machines without disrupting your workflow: you’ll ensure quick recovery of your cold backups while collaborating securely locally. Also, you can add a secure backup line to your NAS without paying for new clients and licenses.

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Automate scripting processes and move large amounts of data with ease. Just connect rclone/AWS CLI to Cubbit to easily transfer data between different cloud storage services — that’s it.

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How to backup your company data with Veeam & Cubbit

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Ransomware: is your company safe for 2023?

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How to make your backups immutable & anti-ransomware with Cubbit

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Bonfiglioli chooses Cubbit: we’ve interviewed the CDO Enrico Andrini

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Thumbnail - CEO di Cubbit Stefano Onofri a Open Italy

Pitch [ITA] - The CEO Stefano Onofri talks at Open Italy

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How does ransomware get in? 7 attack vectors companies should know

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Cubbit green paper

Cubbit green paper

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Upgrade your stack with Cubbit DS3
Switch to Cubbit and get S3 compatible object storage with unmatched security, unlimited scalability, at 80% less than AWS.