Your business is confidential. Keep it that way.

Advanced secure business file sharing & cloud storage.

Cubbit for Teams is the only platform to protect files with three layers of security - guaranteeing yours and your clients’ files are inaccessible to anyone but you.

Protect yours and your clients' files

Make your business impenetrable and be a security leader in your field, with Cubbit's military-grade file protection. Share with private links, collaborate on encrypted folders and enjoy Cubbit's unique 3 layered level of encryption to guarantee yours and your clients' complete security.

Secure business file sharing

Optimize your business' operations with our secure cloud storage for business. Centralize multiple work streams, access files remotely and grant team members admin roles, making company file sharing that little bit easier but a whole lot more secure. Plus, you can keep your company's current set up by simply syncing your PC folders directly to Cubbit.

Contribute to a better planet

Save the planet, one file at a time. Cubbit is the world’s most sustainable cloud - instead of energy hungry data-centers, files are stored and transferred across our unique distributed architecture - making Cubbit 10x greener than traditional cloud providers. Work in a space that respects both your privacy and the planet.

  • Secure business file sharing
  • Manage your team
  • Free up space
  • Streamlined Working

Secure business file sharing

Create shared folders and generate shareable links, then add passwords for maximum security.

Manage your team

Oversee work with both internal and external collaborators from one single dashboard.

Free up space

Choose which files to sync to your account so you can free up precious desktop space.

Streamlined Working

PC file edits are automatically synced with your account and the handy search bar tool makes files quick to find.

Overperform in everything you do, including GDPR

Make yours and your clients' business GDPR compliant with Cubbit for Teams. All plans have data protection built in as standard, ensuring your company’s compliance to the highest legal requirements. End-to-end encryption, file management and continuous security tests are just some of the features that help your business grow while protecting your client’s data.

Read our full Privacy Policy here.

Privacy by design



Centralized control

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Google Drive

End to end encryption

Geographical granular distribution

Users' data inaccessible to provider

Highest level of GDPR compliancy

Low CO2 emissions

“I needed an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage to collaborate in a safe environment and to backup big projects. Cubbit allows me to do this on a daily basis without ever having to worry about security and privacy issues. Great product and super friendly customer service.”

Max M. Svendsen, Music Composer & Sound Designer

“We are an international team, working in many countries and timezones - we needed a way of working, collaboratively yet securely with both internal and external team members which was easy-to-use for everyone. As soon as we started using Cubbit our external contributors understood how it worked and it simplified our day-to-day lives greatly.“

Luca Gisi, CEO @Tickete

“Our company was at a stage where it was growing quickly and we wanted to be able to focus on that, rather than being worried about our online security. We had tried previous providers in the past but none offered us the level of security we were looking for at a price that was within our range. Cubbit did just that.“

Olly Mcbrown, Accountant @Evensi

Your storage plan - whatever your needs, find the right solution to suit your workload.

Store, share and work on a cloud that’s controlled by you. Collaborate with internal and external colleagues, with the peace of mind that no-one can access your files. There’s power in numbers and together our users form the most private and secure cloud available.

All plans include:

  • Privacy by design

  • Zero-knowledge encryption

  • Sensitive data protection

  • Supports all file extensions

  • Team administrator roles

  • Customer centric support

  • Collaborate remotely

  • Save C02 on every file stored