Secure, simple, and static site hosting

Leverage S3 public buckets for confidential PDFs and static site hosting: thanks to S3 compatibility, you can automatically deploy from GitHub to Cubbit.

aws --endpoint s3 mb s3://static-hosting
aws --endpoint s3api put-bucket-acl --bucket static-hosting --acl public-read
aws --endpoint s3 cp ./path/to/static/site/ s3://static-hosting --recursive --acl public-read

Out-of-the-box, automated deploys

Leverage the power of S3 compatibility and GitHub actions for static site hosting. Just change an endpoint to switch your website from AWS to Cubbit — without disrupting your pipeline and/or already set automation.

Static site hosting on S3 public buckets

Static websites run on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since there’s no server-side code, why run them on a traditional server? Leverage Cubbit's S3 public buckets for static site hosting so that you can scale up to infinite and save 80% compared to AWS.

Host your critical PDFs in a public, virtual data room

A virtual data room (VDR) is a place where you can host your business’ confidential documents and files. Your information will be securely stored and shared thanks to advanced permissions settings.



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Upgrade your stack with Cubbit DS3
Switch to Cubbit and get S3 compatible object storage with unmatched security, unlimited scalability, at 80% less than AWS.