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Disaster Recovery by design

Cubbit ensures your business continuity with an immutable, geo-distributed and s3 compatible backup. Thanks to object lock, no hacker will be able to change files before the date set by the admin.

Ransomware recovery

Cubbit's distributed cloud encrypts, splits into pieces, and geo-distributes your data over a versioning-enabled backup network. You can always restore your backup — even in case of ransomware.

Cloud data lake

IoT, multimedia, logging, and more! The Next Generation Cloud is a scalable data lake where you store and retrieve all the data you need for your AI/ML analysis. Cubbit allows you to store all your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

High-security data sharing

Control your data as if you were in a data room: documents, patents, and materials shared with your customers, suppliers, and partners are kept confidential.

Simplify IT and processes

Leverage Cubbit's object storage and cut downtime and IT operational costs. You can scale as your company's IoT data and devices grow — all without extra investments in infrastructure.

Hybrid and multi-cloud

Break free from vendor lock-in and implement your multi or hybrid cloud strategy. Migrate large amounts of data and diversify downtime risk and IT costs via Cubbit's S3 compatible object storage. With unlimited transfers and access.

Data security & Compliance

Avoid fines and reputational damage: protect your business data with Cubbit’s secure and user-friendly cloud. Enjoy zero-knowledge technology, data sovereignty, GDPR, ISO, and CCPA compliance.

Join 50+ leading companies

Amadori, Bonfiglioli, and other 50+ leading companies, cooperatives, and institutions have chosen Cubbit to build a future where users own their data.
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Remote work

Collaborate on files and folders in complete security, even with those without a Cubbit account. Cubbit's zero-knowledge encryption lets you access your data securely from anywhere — even without a VPN.

Secure and private Sync & Share


Save 40 kg of CO2 for every TB of data you save for one year, equivalent to what you would produce by driving a gasoline car for 224 miles.

Private Network

On-premises or cloud? Choose both. You can now build your own private network. Data is zero-knowledge encrypted, and while in the cloud, it never leaves your company perimeter.


Do you have a different use case? Cubbit may be right for you. The Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program includes co-design activities to identify your specific needs and develop solutions tailored to your business.
Europe’s cloud of the future: Cubbit & Gaia-X
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71% of ransomware victims lose their data

Fight back now!
By 2026, the business data you'll need to manage will triple (Gartner), putting your ROI at serious risk due to ransomware and natural disasters. That's why, together with 50+ leading companies, we've created the one and only cloud with geo-distributed, anti-ransomware, S3 backup and instant disaster recovery. Don't pay the ransom: choose Cubbit.
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