Fully managed geo-distributed cloud storage that’s hyper-resilient, sovereign, and 100% S3 compatible — with no extra cost for redundancy.

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What is DS3?

DS3 is a fully-managed, S3-compatible object store. Unlike traditional cloud storage, DS3 doesn't store data in a few centralised data centres. Instead, files uploaded to DS3 are protected by several layers of security:

Cubbit technology

#1 Encryption

First, data is encrypted with AES-256, a military-grade encryption algorithm.

#2 Splitting

The encrypted data is fragmented into N chunks, each indistinguishable from one another.

#3 Redundancy

These N chunks are replicated into K shards via Reed-Solomon error-correcting codes.

#4 Geo-distribution

Finally, each shard is securely stored across multiple geographical locations within a single country.

This addresses nations’ specific data sovereignty concerns, helping businesses check all the compliance boxes (e.g. ISO and GDPR), while providing data control and hyper-resiliency against ransomware and localised disasters.

The next evolution of cloud storage

Redundancy at no extra cost

Get a simple, CapEx-friendly price, with no extra cost for redundancy, egress fees or surprises on your budget.

Ransomware resistant

Make your data ransomware-proof thanks to multi-site object lock, versioning, IAM policy, encryption, and geo-distribution.


Geofence the area where your data is stored, in full compliance with your nation’s specific data regulation (e.g. GDPR, ISO, CCPA).


Thanks to geo-distributed technology and by choosing green data-centers, we extend the storage hardware lifespan and minimise your carbon footprint.

DS3 is compatible with Veeam, Nakivo, and the whole S3 ecosystem

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1 bucket, multiple locations

Unlike centralised cloud storage, DS3 lets you save one bucket in multiple locations at the same time. This gives you several advantages:

True hyper-resiliency

In case one or multiple locations are unavailable, you can still access and back up your data, unlocking unmatched data durability and availability.

Reduced RTO

If one or multiple locations are unavailable, you can still restore your data without complex manual bucket restores to the original location (as you'd do on centralised cloud storage).

Multi-site object lock

DS3 lets you object lock a bucket in multiple locations simultaneously, optimising your workload while making your files truly ransomware-resistant.

The main strengths of DS3

Hyper-redundancy, at no extra cost
ISO 9001 & 27001 certified
GDPR compliant
No deletion fee
No egress fees
100% S3 compatible
Multi-site Object Lock
Lifecycle data management
IAM policy

Use cases


Enable a hyper-resilient, geo-redundant, GDPR compliant cloud backup — at a fraction of the cost.

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Ransomware protection

Make your data ransomware-proof thanks to encryption, S3 Versioning, S3 Object Lock, and IAM policy.

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Enforce ISO compliance, security, and affordability in your archiving practices.

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Hybrid cloud

Enable a secure, off-site backup to NAS without paying licenses.

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Automate scripting processes, stay compliant, and easily migrate large amounts of data.

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Build applications in the cloud with ease and performance.

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What our partners and customers say

Logo EXN

By keeping at least three copies of data per country, Cubbit ensures a more reliable and robust data protection, allowing for greater flexibility in data recovery.

Eccleston photo
Paul Eccleston
Senior VP EMEA, Exclusive Networks
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Logo Tecnoservizi

Thanks to Cubbit, we can strongly differentiate our offer. Geo-distribution, versioning, and data immutability are key to securing our customers’ backups from ransomware and localized disasters.

Photo Martinelli
Paolo Martinelli  
CEO & Co-founder, Tecnoservizi
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Logo TEP

We used to do backups for disaster recovery with other US providers. Now we moved a part of it to Cubbit. The advantage is having ransomware protection, geographic proximity for performance, and fulfilling GDPR-related issues.

Vemagi photo
Giuseppe Giovinazzi
CIO, Trasporti Pubblici Parma
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Fully-managed geo-distributed cloud storage that’s hyper-resilient, sovereign, and 100% S3 compatible — with no extra cost for redundancy.