S3 Multipart Upload

Get high throughput while minimizing upload failures with S3 Multipart Upload.

What’s S3 Multipart Upload and how does it work?

S3 Multipart Upload is an Amazon S3 API built for optimizing performance and upload success rate. In a nutshell, S3 Multipart Upload allows you to upload every single object as a collection of parts.

This is how it works:

  1. The object you want to upload is split into smaller parts for efficient uploads.
  2. The parts are uploaded independently, in parallel connections.
  3. Once all the parts are successfully uploaded, the object is ready to be downloaded back again.

Note: Once a 'part' reaches the server, it goes through all the security steps that make Cubbit geo-distributed technology unique.

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S3 Multipart Upload is built for performance

S3 Multipart Upload allows you to leverage parallel connections, optimize your bandwidth availability, and unlock fast transfers.

infographic Cubbit multipart upload

Diversify downtime risk and maximize your upload success rate

S3 Multipart Upload maximizes the upload success rate of large files. Splitting them into smaller, independent pieces will diversify the risk of transfer failure: in fact, if any uploaded part fails, you can upload it again without affecting the other parts.



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