What is cloud object storage?

Cloud object storage is a new storage model that answers the IT need to scale Big Data environments: securely, cross-platform, and with performance.

Cubbit object storage web application

How does cloud object storage work?

Unlike traditional file storage, which uses hierarchical structures, object storage stores data as "objects" containing raw data, metadata, and a unique ID. This way, cloud object storage transforms your data into a resource (URL) that's securely stored, yet always available — anywhere, anytime.

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The benefits of S3 compatible cloud object storage


Simplify data migration, scale immediately, and reduce costs — without disrupting your workflow. Object storage handles all the PBs of unstructured data you need cost-effectively, making it ideal for storing and managing large files such as media, backups, and logs.


Get high throughput while minimizing upload failures. Object storage enables S3 Multipart Upload & Download, which leverages parallel connections to optimize bandwidth availability and guarantee fast transfers and recovery options.


Protect your data from ransomware and accidental deletion while maintaining compliance with audit and retention requirements. Cloud object storage upgrades your backup strategy with S3 Object Locking & Versioning features.

S3 compatibility.

S3 compatible cloud object storage integrates seamlessly with your current S3 setup, without disrupting your workflow: just change an endpoint to deploy on Cubbit in an instant.



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Upgrade your stack with Cubbit DS3
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