Build your own cloud storage in minutes

Geo-distributed, sovereign, hyper-resilient.
Enjoy fully customisable object storage, with no upfront investment required.

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Trusted by 5,000+ customers and businesses

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No single point of failure.

With Cubbit, your data is encrypted, split into redundant chunks and distributed across a global, peer-to-peer network — safe from downtime and data breaches.

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Access to your full backup history with one click, while making your data immutable to ransomware and accidental deletion.

Protect from ransomware


Cubbit, a Gaia-X partner, stores your data in private, geofenced networks that comply with ISO, GDPR and state laws and regulations.

Take control of your data

Choose how to scale, with no storage limits.

Scale and upgrade your infrastructure according to your storage needs — you choose how to increase your storage capacity.

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Simply buy more storage without hosting any hardware.
Host Cubbit nodes: we’ll supply and install them for you.
Turn your on-prem resources into Cubbit nodes and private networks.


Automate fast, immutable, off-site backups using Veeam or your favorite S3-compatible client software.

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Hybrid Cloud

Ensure quick recovery of your cold backups while collaborating securely on your virtual machines or local NAS.

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Automate scripting processes and move large amounts of data with ease. Just connect rclone/AWS CLI to Cubbit — that's it.

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One technology, two products

Discover our distributed S3 solutions, optimised for edge and multi-cloud environments.


Fully managed geo-distributed cloud storage that’s hyper-resilient, sovereign, and 100% S3 compatible — with no extra cost for redundancy.

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DS3 Composer

Be your own cloud provider in minutes. DS3 Composer lets you build your own geo-distributed cloud storage: hyper-resilient, sovereign, 100% S3 compatible.

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S3 compatibility

Cubbit integrates seamlessly with your current S3 setup, without disrupting your workflow:
just change your endpoint to deploy on Cubbit in an instant.

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Designed for developers, for every stack.

Ready to get started? Explore our guides, examples, and APIs to integrate with Cubbit right away.

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Save 80% vs AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

With Cubbit DS3, you don’t pay for our data center — we don’t have one.

Simple and transparent.

With Cubbit, you only pay for the storage and bandwidth you use — and nothing else. No hidden costs, no surprises on your invoice. You can finally set a budget and stick to it.

No vendor lock-in.

Azure, AWS, and Google make you pay hefty fees to exit their cloud. Cubbit’s architecture, instead, minimizes your egress fees, letting you move massive amounts of data quickly and predictably.

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Why 5,000+ customers and businesses use Cubbit

Logo Bonfiglioli

"Cubbit's large number of nodes makes data unavailability an extremely improbable event."

Photo Enrico Andrini
Enrico Andrini
Chief Digital & Information Officer
Logo Aeroporto di Bologna

"Cubbit gives you the confidence to entrust your data not to a single data center but to many small hosts in encrypted, fragmented form."

Photo Silvia Lombardi
Silvia Lombardi
Innovation Director
Logo Amadori

"With Cubbit, we share the characteristics of innovation, made in Italy, security, and sustainability."

Photo Sandro Salvigni
Sandro Salvigni - Head of Digital Transformation
Logo Comune di Merano

"Security and data protection are essential to us, and Cubbit is working for that."

Photo Andrea Guerini
Andrea Guerini
Councillor and Deputy Mayor
Logo CNS

"With Cubbit, we provide new value to our members and a substantial competitive advantage: matching innovation with sustainability."

Photo Luigi Zucchelli
Luigi Zucchelli - Director of integrated technical area and development
Logo SCM Group

"The benefit the company will get from Cubbit's security is crucial."

Photo Andrea Landini
Andrea Landini
IT Director
Logo SmeUp

"Cubbit allows us to be no longer passive to an external vendor but part of the evolution path and thus provide even more value to our customers."

Photo Dario Vemagi
Dario Vemagi

Partner, reseller, or distributor?

Channel partners increase margins by sharing the benefits of next-gen object storage with their customers. Third-party software companies integrate with it. Let’s work together.

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Cubbit green paper

Cubbit green paper

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Upgrade your stack with Cubbit DS3
Switch to Cubbit and get S3 compatible object storage with unmatched security, unlimited scalability, at 80% less than AWS.