S3 Versioning, at 80% less than AWS

Access your full backup history in one click and ensure ransomware-proofing and deletion resilience. You’ll be able to reserve, retrieve and restore every version of every object stored.

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How Cubbit's S3 Versioningv works

When creating a bucket, you can activate S3 Versioning by clicking on 'enable'. Instead of overwriting data, Cubbit’s object storage will keep a chronology of all your objects. Just click on 'show versions' to access all your backup history – you can preserve, retrieve and restore every version of every object stored.

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S3 Versioning enables Object Locking and ransomware immutability

Cubbit’s S3 Versioning is the cornerstone on which S3 Object Locking is based: a key feature for adopting a WORM ('Write Once, Read Many') strategy. S3 Object Locking makes your data immutable from ransomware, deletions, and changes until an expiration date that you can set according to your needs.

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